Edge: Marked with the cornucopia symbol (a symbol of food and abundance also known as the Horn of Plenty) and the word “Bronze”

Obverse: Depicts the head of “France” in a Phrygian bonnet near a growing oak tree which has put a laurel wreath around her head. A view of the Paris skyline to the right.Reverse: The winged figure of Victory, holding a laurel wreath and a palm branch and carrying a winner on her back.The Expo buildings are shown below, with a plaque which says who was the recipient of the medal.
Legend: Exposition Universelle Internationale – 1900 – J. C. Chaplain
J.C. Chaplain was a master of the art nouveau style of the times.
Jules-Clément Chaplain (1839-1909) – one of the most renown French medalist of the late 19th century, his career can be described as emblemic of the “Golden Age” of Medallic Art.
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